Still falling short.

Still falling short


This report is a qualitative study of Home Office decision-making in asylum claims based on sexual orientation and gender identity. It examines Home Office decision-making against the applicable Asylum Policy Instruction: Sexual Orientation in Asylum Claims (version5 of February 2015 and version 6 of August 2016). A separate chapter is dedicated to asylum claims made on the basis of gender identity.

Uk lesbian gay immigration group application form.

Applying HJ (Iran) and HT (Cameroon) to asylum claims based on sexual orientation

HJ (Iran) is the lead case in the UK about claims for asylum based on sexual orientation. This briefing paper aims to summarise this important judgment as it stands.


Submission to home affairs committee inquiry into immigration detention.

Submission to Home Affairs Committee inquiry into Immigration Detention


The government should end the detention of all LGBTQI+ people, and in particular GBTQI+ asylum seekers. The government should implement at limit of 28 days on all immigration detention. The Home Office should make greater use of alternatives to detention.