Rainbow migration's submission to the windrush lessons learned review.

Rainbow Migration’s submission to the Windrush Lessons Learned Review progress update: call for evidence


It is difficult to agree that much progress has been made towards a fairer and more compassionate Home Office given the New Plan for Immigration consultation process and subsequent Nationality and Borders Bill.

Rainbow migration's submission to the women's and equality into equality.

Rainbow Migration’s submission to the Women and Equalities Committee’s Inquiry into equality and the UK asylum process


The position for LGBTQI+ people seeking asylum in the UK has improved substantially since the 98-99% rejection rate referred to in the Call for Evidence for this inquiry. However, there remains room for improvement in all areas, including asylum accommodation, immigration detention, interpreters, Home Office interviewing and decision making, and the appeals process, as outlined in this submission.

Rainbow migration's submission to the human rights committee.

Rainbow Migration’s submission to the Joint Committee on Human Rights’ call for evidence on Legislative Scrutiny: Nationality and Borders Bill


Many clauses of this Bill penalise people who do not make their asylum claim or provide evidence at specified points in their time in the UK. Such rigid requirements do not take account of the experiences of LGBTQI+ people in need of asylum. This group has characteristics that mean their experience of claiming asylum is different to others.

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Nationality and Borders Bill 2021 Policy Brief


The Nationality and Borders Bill 2021 makes sweeping changes to the UK asylum system. This brief highlights the particular and significant impact these suggested changes
may have by endangering LGBT+ people who are fleeing persecution in other countries and seeking sanctuary in the UK. This briefing has been produced in collaboration with Stonewall, Micro Rainbow and Mermaids.

New plan for immigration response to stakeholder questionnaire.

New Plan for Immigration: Response to Stakeholder Questionnaire


We strongly oppose to the New Plan for Immigration and propose the following objectives instead: To increase the fairness and efficacy of our system so that we can better protect
and support everyone in need of asylum; to open up more safe routes for people seeking asylum to get to the UK; and to ensure all the reasons that people have for wanting to live in the UK are fairly assessed and legal aid increased to support individuals with their claims and applications.