Today’s publication of the Independent Chief Inspector’s audit report on the Home Office’s Adults at Risk policy has highlighted a contradiction in the Home Office’s own policies and guidance. On the one hand, they say sexual orientation is not a risk factor, and elsewhere they recognise that open expression of your sexual orientation could lead to bullying.

The Independent Chief Inspector also recommends that the Home Office overhauls the way it collects data and information about the people it detains. The report finds that the Home Office is not collecting any data on LGBTQI+ people held in detention and that therefore it cannot say if its risk assessments are meeting the needs of LGBTQI+ individuals.

UKLGIG Executive Director Leila Zadeh said: “It is not right to expect any LGBTQI+ person to have to hide who they are in order to protect themselves in detention, while at the same time expecting them to be open in order to be granted refugee status.”

“Various sources of international law recognise that detention of LGBTQI+ people places them at risk. The UK government should end the detention of all LGBTQI+ people if it is truly committed to making sure they are safe and live without fear of harassment.”