Our lawyer affiliation policy

In supplying a list of affiliated solicitors, Rainbow Migration intends to provide its users with access to good quality legal advice and assistance.


1. Rainbow Migration as an organisation does not provide immigration legal representation. It signposts to solicitors’ firms that are affiliated to the Rainbow Migration. Rainbow Migration refers enquiries to this list of affiliated solicitors if advice is required. In order to be listed on the website, solicitors’ firms pay an annual affiliation fee set from time to time by Rainbow Migration.


2. In order to be considered for affiliation, solicitors’ firms must initially meet at least one of the following criteria:


  • The firm, or an individual within the firm, is listed in the latest or previous edition of the Chambers Guide to the Legal Profession as a leader in immigration law,
  • The firm employs at least one person who is an Immigration Law Practitioners Association course trainer,
  • The firm employs at least one person who is accredited as a senior caseworker or above under the Immigration and Asylum Accreditation Scheme.


If a solicitors’ firm meets one of these criteria, Rainbow Migration will decide whether or not to invite them to affiliate. Rainbow Migration reserves the right to decide if a firm is invited to affiliate. A firm is more likely to be accepted if it is proposed by a firm already listed.


3. Rainbow Migration shall choose a selection of individual solicitors from the affiliated list to attend the monthly general meetings (asylum and partnership). Any advice given by the solicitors at the meetings is given by the individual solicitor on behalf of his or her firm on a pro-bono basis and not on behalf of Rainbow Migration.


4. If any Rainbow Migration volunteer, employee or Executive Committee member receives a written or verbal complaint from a Rainbow Migration service user concerning an affiliated solicitor, the complainant will be advised to put their complaint in writing to the solicitor. If the complaint is not resolved, the complainant should be advised of their right to complain to the Legal Services Ombudsman or Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) and will be asked to send Rainbow Migration a copy of the complaint made.


5. If an affiliated solicitor becomes the subject of a formal complaint to the Legal Services Ombudsman or SRA by a Rainbow Migration service user, Rainbow Migration will forthwith withdraw the invitation to attend monthly general meetings, and remove that solicitor’s firm from the website and the affiliated list pending determination of the complaint (any such decision to be ratified at the Trustee Board meeting).


If the Legal Services Ombudsman or SRA upholds the complaint, Rainbow Migration will terminate the affiliation of the solicitor’s firm.


If the Legal Services Ombudsman or SRA dismisses the complaint, Rainbow Migration will discuss, at its next Trustee Board meeting, whether to invite the solicitor to re-affiliate and, if applicable, to attend the monthly general meetings.


The complainant should be advised of the action taken by Rainbow Migration.


6. If Rainbow Migration becomes aware of an issue concerning an affiliated solicitor or firm that has the potential to reflect badly on Rainbow Migration, e.g. poor or incorrect advice, overcharging, unnecessary work, homophobia or rudeness, UKLGIG will take appropriate action. Such action will be at the discretion of Rainbow Migration and could include raising the matter verbally and/or in writing with the individual or firm involved, withdrawal of the firm from the website and/or any other action that Rainbow Migration considers appropriate depending on the nature and severity of the issue. Such decisions will be at the sole discretion of Rainbow Migration.


Rainbow Migration reserves the right to make judgements on the quality of service provided by solicitors’ firms and where there is any doubt, Rainbow Migration will always act in the best interests of its users and reputation.


7. If Rainbow Migration removes a solicitor from the website, it will refund to that solicitor a proportion of their annual affiliation fee calculated on a pro rata basis from when they were removed, e.g. if 5 full months of their affiliation is left to run, they will be refunded 5/12ths of their annual fee.


8. No affiliated solicitor will partake in any decisions made by Rainbow Migration as part of this policy.