Public Law Project evidence for the International Agreements Committee Inquiry into the UK-Rwanda Asylum Agreement

We supported this evidence and provided assistance in highlighting evidence related to LGBTQI+ people seeking asylum.

Rainbow Migration’s briefing on the risks to LGBTQI+ people in initial and contingency accommodation

Rainbow Migration is increasingly concerned about the safety of LGBTQI+ people in initial and contingency asylum accommodation. In recent months, we have seen a sharp increase in the number of people accessing our services because they have experienced homophobic, biphobic or transphobic harassment and verbal, physical and sexual abuse.

Rainbow migration's submission to the independent chief inspector of borders.

Rainbow Migration’s submission to the Independent Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration’s Inspection of Asylum Casework

Our response to the Independent Chief Inspector’s call for evidence on asylum casework, along with recommendations where we believe that improvements can be made.

Parliament briefing ending the immigration detention of lgbtq.

Parliamentary Briefing: Ending the immigration detention of LGBTQI+ people


We are calling on the UK government to commit to:

  • End the immigration detention of LGBTQI+ people
  • Implement a cumulative 28-day time limit on all immigration detention
  • Accelerate the introduction of more compassionate programmes to
    support people in communities instead of detaining them

Rainbow migration's submission to the joint rights committee on human rights.

Rainbow Migration’s submission to the Joint Committee on Human Rights: Illegal Migration Bill

There are many countries that are unsafe for LGBTQI+ people specifically. While established resettlement routes may prioritise LGBTQI+ people as a particularly vulnerable group, the fact is that for many of the countries where being LGBTQI+ is criminalised there are no resettlement options, and the only route available to LGBTQI+ people in these countries is to make their way to the UK by whatever means necessary.

LGBTQI+ people’s experiences of immigration detention: A pilot study

This report sets out the findings of a pilot study into LGBTQI+ experiences of immigration detention in the UK since September 2016. Five members of the LGBTQI+ community (three gay men and two non-binary people) were interviewed about their experiences in detention. Key findings of the report available here. Accessible version of the report available here.

Submitted evidence to the secondary legislation security committee january 2013.

Evidence to the Secondary Legislation Scrutiny Committee

This evidence has been submitted jointly by Medical Justice, Freedom from Torture, Bail for Immigration Detainees, Rainbow Migration, JRS UK, Helen Bamber Foundation and Detention Action. We are gravely concerned by the new type of short-term Holding Facility created specifically for Manston, where people - including children, pregnant women, survivors of torture, trafficking, and those with serious mental health conditions and other vulnerabilities – who have crossed the English Channel from France or Belgium in small boats will face longer periods of detention, but with reduced safeguards and standards around healthcare, access to legal advice, communications and sleeping accommodation.