During Pride Month it’s important to remember that the fight for LGBTQI+ rights is far from over.

One group that often faces particularly difficult challenges is LGBTQI+ people seeking protection in the UK. They have fled persecution and discrimination in their home countries due to their sexual orientation or gender identity and are seeking safety and a chance to rebuild their lives here.  

Instead of welcoming them and giving them the support they need, this government is telling them that they’ll be punished for coming here, locked up and sent away to another country, perhaps one they’ve never heard of, and that may be dangerous for LGBTQI+ people. 

If you are also outraged by the way LGBTQI+ people seeking asylum are treated by this government, here are 4 ways in which you can do something for them during this month – it takes less than a minute per action. Make sure to share this with as many friends as possible!  


1. Sign our petition and tell the Prime Minister to ditch his cruel and unworkable Refugee Ban Bill 

If the Refugee Ban Bill becomes law, LGBTQI+ people who come here seeking protection and safety will face a high probability of being placed in immigration detention. In detention LGBTQI+ people face bullying, harassment and abuse, with serious consequences for their mental health. Following detention they could be sent to countries that are dangerous for LGBTQI+ people and where they don’t have any connections or support. Places like Rwanda, where LGBTQI+ people face discrimination and violence, as Innocent explained 

It’s not too late for the Prime Minister to stop this – sign our petition to show these cruel plans do not represent us.

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2. Ask your MP to oppose LGBTQI+ detention 

The number of people being detained in this country has been climbing, and this government still plans to open more detention centres and seek greater powers to detain. Together with the University of Brighton we recently released a new pilot study into LGBTQI+ experiences of immigration detention since September 2016, which indicates that LGBTQI+ people continue to face harassment, bullying and deteriorating mental health while in immigration detention. 

Click below to ask your MP if they will oppose LGBTQI+ detention. 

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A diverse group of people, including LGBTQI+ individuals, posing for a photo with an LGBT flag to show their support for those seeking asylum.

3. Join our ‘No Pride in Detention’ campaign 

You can also join our ‘No Pride in Detention’ campaign . Let’s come together and make sure no LGBTQI+ person is locked up and subjected to violence and abuse in detention. Add your name to say enough is enough: it’s time to #EndLGBTQIDetention.

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4. Donate some much needed money 

We’re working in a challenging environment at the moment, where LGBTQI+ people seeking asylum are not made to feel welcome in the UK and government policies are putting people’s lives at risk.  

Donating today could support:  

  • A one-to-one emotional support session to help someone feel less isolated  
  • Sanitary and hygiene supplies and food vouchers for a person facing destitution  
  • Interpreting services so that we can support speakers of any language.
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