***This opportunity has now closed***

Would you like to join our board of trustees? At Rainbow Migration we are currently on the lookout for one or two new trustees.

Our current board consists of people with a wide range of backgrounds, skills and experiences, including lived experience of the asylum system, law (public law and human rights), academia, communications, fundraising, and finance.  

We’re interested in hearing about any skills and experience you can bring to the table, especially if you:  

    • have experience of involvement with people that access support services 
    • have experience in safeguarding 
    • are tech savvy 
    • have helped organisations become anti-racist 

But don’t worry if you don’t – there are plenty of other valuable skills and experiences that we’re looking for too! We encourage applications from people from all walks of life, and would particularly like to hear from you if you: 

    • have been through the asylum system 
    • are disabled 
    • are neurodivergent 
    • are trans 

Still unsure whether this opportunity is for you or not? Here are some frequently asked questions that might help you make a decision.  


So what will I be doing?  

Trustees are legally responsible for Rainbow Migration. Your duties will include: 

    • Setting strategy. Our trustees have recently set our strategy for 2023-25 – joining the Board at this time means making sure we deliver on the strategy 
    • Ensuring we abide by our constitution, follow the law, and act in line with our values and policies 
    • Making good use of our money and resources 
    • Considering and mitigating risks 
    • Reporting to the Charity Commission 

These are some of the matters trustees have discussed in their last few meetings: 

    • HR, including staff salaries, pensions and wellbeing leave 
    • Our finances, including how we spent money in 2022 and our cashflow in 2023 
    • Organisational policies including safeguarding, consideration of criminal offences, health and safety, and environment and sustainability 
    • How changes in law and government policy could affect our service users and our work


What if I don’t have experience as a trustee? Can I still apply?  

You absolutely can. We will support you to develop in the role. For example, we can ‘buddy you up’ with an existing trustee that you can meet regularly to prepare for board meetings. We also provide training.  

Will I be able to work with service users? 

The role of trustees is to govern the charity and ensure we are meeting the purpose for which we exist. You won’t have much involvement in the day-to-day work for the charity, so contact with service users will be limited. 

I don’t have a computer. Is that a problem? 

We don’t want technology to be a barrier to becoming a trustee. It’s helpful if you have a smartphone, at least, so that you have regular access to emails and can connect to meetings on Zoom. We can provide training if you need to learn how to use Word or Excel, for example. Please apply and we can talk about how we can help make sure you can participate fully.  

Can I become a trustee if I’m applying for asylum?  

We can only accept applications from people with leave to remain in the UK or UK citizenship. We would be happy to consider an application from you to become a trustee when we next recruit if you have secured leave to remain by then.