As we wrap up 2023 and the year of our 30th anniversary, we wanted to share some of the brighter moments from the last 12 months with you:

A group of people holding flags in a parade.
  • Over 40 of our service users from over 18 countries have been granted refugee protection in the UK.
  • Our wellbeing activities have seen our service users take part in cookery classes, visits to the Science Museum and Richmond Park, a picnic and games day, and a dance class. They told us that it was great to have something exciting to look forward to, and to have days out together, where they can just be themselves without having to think about their asylum claims.
  • At least three of our trans service users were relocated to suitable housing in London (e.g. a studio flat for a deaf person; a place with a stairlift for someone who uses a wheelchair), following our support and advocacy.
  • The Women and Equalities Committee called on this government to do much better in its treatment of LGBTQI+ people in the asylum system, including never accommodating them on barges. We provided evidence to the Committee on these points last year.
  • 100% of service users who evaluated our services said that they had a better understanding of the asylum process after receiving our advice.
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