We work with a ‘Campaigns Advisory Group’ made up of LGBTQI+ people with lived experience of the UK asylum system to steer our public campaigning. The group meets regularly with staff to plan, deliver and evaluate activities for our No Pride In Detention campaign. Vanessa, one of the current members, told us her thoughts on being part of this group.

“I came across the advisory role from a friend who knows how passionate I am about the rights of LGBTQ+ people seeking asylum and refugees.

 At first I was hesitant because I am a bit anxious but I went for it.

I remember the interview with Emma and Carla, it was very informal and I was literally on a coach to Manchester.

Talking to Emma about my expected commitment got me very excited and I looked forward to joining the advisory team.

I remember receiving the email that I was successful and feeling hopeful for the future and participating in influencing decisions.

It has been a very good experience, I have learnt so much about the refugee system, apart from experiencing the asylum system, from the research and reports that have been conducted I have walked in the shoes of others.”

It is a way of getting my voice heard in cases where it normally wouldn’t be heard.

The best part about this is being able to influence decisions, coming up with ideas for campaigns, participating in events.

It is a way of getting my voice heard in cases where it normally wouldn’t be heard.

I had heard about detention centres but never heard stories from LGBTQ+ people who had actually stayed in detention centres. Being in the advisory group has opened my eyes to the struggles and has also created the passion to lend my voice and words against detention.

Imagine leaving a country that restricts your rights and freedom and then getting into a prison like environment, it can be devastating.

So whether it is silently lending your voice, participating in campaigns and researches, if you are passionate about helping people then this is the right place.”


To learn more about Rainbow Migration’s Campaigns Advisory Group and how you can get involved, please see the role description and application form.

A woman wearing glasses and a hoodie smiles for the camera during a campaign.