Despite being found unlawful by the Supreme Court, this government still wants to go ahead with its plan to send people seeking safety here more than 4,000 miles away. The new Rwanda Bill is dangerous and disgraceful and cannot be passed by Parliament. Email your MP to call on them to vote against this cruel Bill.

We all want to live in a society where everyone is treated with care and respect. But this government is trying to divide us in an attempt to weaken our rights and freedoms and prevent us from holding them accountable for their actions.

Its Rwanda Bill will strip human rights away from people who come to the UK in the hope of safety for them and their loved ones.

A group of people waving a rainbow flag in a city.
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If this bill goes ahead, LGBTQI+ people who come to the UK seeking protection could also be sent to Rwanda. We have repeatedly warned that Rwanda is a country where LGBTQI+ people are subjected to discrimination, violence and abuse. The UK government’s own website states that LGBT people in Rwanda are abused, including by local authorities. The situation for LGBTQI+ people in Rwanda is so poor that people have sought asylum in the UK based on their sexual orientation.

People who arrive in the UK seeking asylum have fled persecution or conflict, and sending them 4,000 miles away to a place where they have no connections will only cause them further suffering.

As Innocent, a gay man who grew up in Rwanda and experienced first-hand abuse, said: “The UK government should reflect more on its policy, hear out and take into account the public sentiment and what the civil society and other people representing vulnerable groups are saying. Most people seeking protection are fleeing for their lives and they need help, not punishment. I do hope that LGBTQIA+ people seeking safety will not be sent to Rwanda to face discrimination.”

We will not be divided. Email your MP today to stop the Rwanda Bill.

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