world cup of shame appeal

Every week, we are immensely grateful to be approached by people that want to raise much needed money so that we can keep running vital services for LGBTQI+ people seeking safety here.  

However, in the last few weeks we have made the difficult decision to turn down several kind offers of support to raise funds for us, as the activities would have also promoted the World Cup in Qatar. As much as we appreciate each and every generous offer, LGBTQI+ people are not safe in Qatar and this year’s World Cup is simply not aligned with our values of safety, integrity, belonging and respect. 

Saying no to these contributions means less cash coming in during these increasingly difficult times. But our team will continue working regardless, to ensure LGBTQI+ people get the legal and emotional support they need while they go through a complex and often cruel asylum system.  

A former service user said, “You bring us together, make us feel like we are all a family”. We want to continue bringing people together, but not at the expense of human rights.   

We have created a ‘World Cup of Shame’ appeal in place of the fundraising proposals we have turned down for those of you who would like to support Rainbow Migration. Can you make a donation today and help us to continue supporting LGBTQI+ people seeking safety?