The database – list of lawyers

Criteria for listings 

Although the information on our website has been written by qualified immigration solicitors, it is not a substitute for getting your own professional legal advice. As an organisation, Rainbow Migration does not provide representation for any individual case. If you need advice or representation, we suggest you contact one of the solicitors listed below.

They are LGBTQI+ friendly and supportive of our work. They are not ‘recommended’ as such and we can take no responsibility for the advice given by them. We will, however, always attempt to act in the best interests of our service users.

Feedback and complaints

We welcome feedback, so if you have any concerns about anyone appearing here, do not hesitate to contact us.

Always ask for an estimate of costs and make it clear that you must be kept informed, with an explanation, if the estimate is likely to be exceeded. Fees do vary a great deal and should not be considered an indicator of quality.

The standards and requirements which are expected of legal practitioners in the UK – “for the benefit of the clients they serve and in the general public interest” – are published in detail as a set of principles by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA). See also “How do I choose an immigration advisor?” – Guidance from the Immigration Law Practitioners Association (ILPA).