🚨Urgent Rwanda Act appeal: protect LGBTQI+ lives today

This government’s cruel new law will send people seeking asylum to Rwanda and will put their lives at risk. No one should be sent to another country where they have no connections or support and where they will be in serious danger. 

Every day, we provide legal advice to help LGBTQI+ people to secure refugee status. As the only UK organisation providing an LGBTQI+ specific service, we expect demand to surge in the coming days and weeks.  

Please donate today and ensure we can be there for every LGBTQI+ person that comes to us for support and to campaign for a more humane and compassionate asylum system.  


could pay for an urgent one-to-one emotional support call for someone who has just been notified they are being sent to Rwanda  

queer person holding a phone


could pay for an hour of interpreting so that no matter what country someone is from, we can support them when they need it most 

advice session between two women


could pay for four LGBTQI+ people to receive specialist legal advice and help to find them lawyers so they can challenge their removal to Rwanda 

two queer people holding each other